Sunday, August 25, 2013

VMWorld 2013!

***Ok, so not having ever blogged before, this is more for my enjoyment than yours....I'm selfish that way. There, you have been warned. ***

Don't know if it is the smell of tech in the air or if it is the influence of all my techie peers around me, or me just wanting to voice my opinion of this event, but I have suddenly got the overwhelming urge to blog about this event. I am a Systems Administrator, nothing more. I make my living trying to keep  the systems of my company up and running and looking for the "BEST" ways to do that while at the same time not killing our budget and avoiding any career ending "Mistakes". Not that making my own dumb mistakes with virtualization have not provided me with times where I thought security was going to be coming around the corner to escort me out.

I can proudly say a good portion of my data enter is virtualized (about 70/30) and I have some of my Exchange environment on it. I have implemented SRM to our offsite DR location and had successful DR tests where we have brought up almost our whole Data Center (small sections of things my hands are tied with). I can also say that I am in the middle of a VDI project that has provided me more "opportunities" then I would care to say grace over right now.

I am here with a purpose.

I have come here to kick ....

No, no, no. I came here to find solutions. I came here in search of better ways to do my job. I have come here see what the latest industry trends are and see if they are something that I can use and lastly, I have come here to network with folks. I suck at networking though!

The expression "the Devil's in the details" is something that I feel applies to IT a lot, if you don't pay attention you miss things, you don't please the customer. So far the details have been the cool thing I have seen around VMWorld. All the cool little techie shit and the outstanding visual stuff too.

Overall I am hoping as a whole my experience this time will be just as good as my last one in 2009.


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