Monday, August 26, 2013

Day one so far...

Wow! What a start! 

New versions, better performance, more storage capabilities, virtualizing both network and storage. Lots to take in, and as always I can't help feeling like there is a ton for me to catch up on! 

I am anxious to implement some of the new things that I have seen when I get back to the office. The HOL I took yesterday were pretty good. Great Thinapp session and the performance HOL for ESX was by far the most popular. I finally figured out when doing the HOL you will NOT finish a whole one in the 90 minutes you are given. So I just made sure to see the stuff that was important to me.

I am struck by the question, how do other admins keep up with this stuff? I know I learn by fire, putting in systems to best fit the organization and to solve a particular need. As IT professionals we are constantly learning, constantly having to change gears, but how to keep up with with ever changing landscape that is IT. As for me, the only answer is ship my children off to boarding school, divorce my wife, fire my boss, and last but not least give up my new puppy in a bizarre IT fueled ritual.....

Naa, I will keep the puppy and I suppose the others as well, and just try to make some more time for reading.

Oops session is starting ...more later 

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