Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3 continued....

Wow the PCoIP class was awesome! Dude really knows his stuff! I picked up so many good tips. He was clear, and to the point. Banging out useful information throughout the whole session.

QOS - set PCoIP right under your  VoIP or your Telepresence.

Make sure your network latency is not high already.

Beware your "Burstable Networks"! Anything that is over your purchased bandwidth, it can be marked a discardable and this will definitely affect your performance. You are only guaranteed what you have purchased.

Interesting thing to note, Zero Clients will not really use the improvements to PCoIP. If you run desktops or thin clients that run the View Client they take advantage of the new improvements. This is a complete bummer to me. We as an organization are try to get rid of the damned desktops so we don't have the extra layer to troubleshoot. Ah well....we can hope they will be included someday.

There was a ton more but those were my highlights. Like I said that session rocked! 

Now the Technical Deep dive that I am in right now .....OMG! Wow....hard to understand monotone- and has mainly been bars and graphs. 

But he is starting to get to the meat of the session with the best practices....too bad half the folks have left during his death by PowerPoint!

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