Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Free eBooks from Microsoft Press

Here is the URL for some new Microsoft books. There is some good stuff out there!

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition
Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Introducing Microsoft System Center 2012 R2
Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2

and a host of other SCCM and Azure books.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Virtual Center Server Service Constantly Crashing

Ran into a new experience today. Came in from my Christmas holiday after being off for 12 days and low and behold my vCenter is not working.

Everything seems to be starting....but then it crashes out, and restarts itself. I could log into the vCenter just long enough to see all the VMs and boom. It crashed again....%^&*!!? Not the way I want to spend my first day back.....ah well...

So I poke around for a while and finally call VMware, as I had never seen this particular behavior before. We fussed around for a while until the Tech called over his senior resource (I seriously owe this guy a beer), he had us open up the vpxd log. In there we did a search for "minidump". The minidump section of the log pointed out that a VM on one of my hosts was causing the issue....

"2016-01-04T15:54:53.874-06:00 [10036 info 'Default' opID=SWI-335197fd testSet=host-62114,vm-2380] CoreDump: Writing minidump"

The next thing the senior did was to then search the log file from the top and what he found was that Network Adapter 1 on VM-2380 was mentioned in the log. Interesting ......

2016-01-04T15:54:33.484-06:00 [10036 warning 'VmCheck' opID=SWI-335197fd testSet=host-62114,vm-2380] [NetworksAccessible] virtual device "Network adapter 1" (4000) has an empty backing info

Ok the next thing he did was to search for vm-2380 in the log from the top and it gave me the exact name of the VM that was having the issue.....

At this point it was a mad scramble to log into the Hosts via the vSphere Client and find the offending VM (of course it was on the last host in our farm). We did an "edit settings" on the VM and saw the Network Adapter was listed in a "inconsistent state" instead of being in the proper VLAN. So we powered off the VM and as soon as we did it changed back to the proper VLAN. Now we were able to start the Virtual Center Server service and it stayed up and stable with no issues....

Simple enough fix, but I learned something, so I figured I would pass it along.