Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day two VMWare rants and insights.

Waiting on the start of the general session. We are learning I see. They have opened the walls to the general session so we can get through without it being as big of a fire hazard. Should make getting to our first session a lot easier. 

The poor guy trying to keep track of the amount of people that were trying to come into this place is going to have a serious case of carple tunnel in his thumb with all the clicking he was having to do.

Ok, is it me, or is Microsoft's Hyper V hawkers outside the event are really starting to get annoying? Women handing out candy to a bunch of IT nerds. I can only equate it to the dirty old man trying to cop a cheap feel by saying he has candy in his pockets to children. "Hyper V wants to give you some candy", "Hyper V wants to give you a free custard". Makes me want to report Hyper V to the local police as a stalker. It's a VMWare event, have an once of class and piss off!Maybe it is the blisters on my feet, or maybe it is just the fact that I am annoyed by other things this morning, but I am not wanting to jack with these people today. 

As for the convention itself, all I can say is wow! So many great sessions yesterday! Mirage, Workspace, and Exchange in VMWare. More to come!

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