Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day three....

I have yet to have coffee this morning so my head is still fuzzy. Before you ask, NO, I did not go to any of the parties last night. I have given up on the networking part of this little adventure. I am not a party person, I don't like to drink that much so I will leave that for the others to do. 

Most of the sessions that I have taken have had some great knowledge, some not so much. I got over here nice and early, skipped my coffee and came into a Mirage 201 class. Honestly I should have slept. I didn't realize Mirage 201 would be nothing more than you need to do good project management and have a good infrastructure. Gee do I need to wipe when I am done too? Bah! Ok so it was a management track class I guess. I don't think it was advertised that way but whatever. 

On a positive note, VMWorld Party tonight, at AT&T park. Looking forward to that. I know, contradicts what I said earlier, but this is different. I get to see Train and Imagine Dragons. I will be there to take pictures and to rock out. 

Well off to PCoIP "sizing for success", should be an interesting session. 

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