Tuesday, July 19, 2016

VMWorld 2016!!!


I get to go this year! I'm so excited, first time going to Vegas and first time going to VMworld in Vegas! In case you haven't started booking your session....they are booking up FAST! I have already had to Favorite some in hopes that they might open up more sessions or someone might drop.

My plan is to cover as much as I can from the conference. I normally just throw up whatever highlights I see and try not to geek out too much *grin*.

 I really want to do some networking this year...so I will attempt to be a little more social. I normally go with the intentions of meeting up with the photography group or going to the Hang Space and somehow it just never seems to happen....I get plenty of pictures....but that is normally me wandering aimlessly around and finding cool stuff.

Anyway look forward to seeing everyone!


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