Monday, August 25, 2014

End of day report

Lots of info in the sessions today! View 6 sounds to be very promising, with it being configured out of the box to give 30% bandwidth savings right out of the box! 

The log viewer that VMware is offering sounds like a heck of a product too! Being able to pull logs from more than just your ESXi servers; it can pull logs from your SAN, Fiber Switches,Network Switches, Windows machine and much more. It also give you the ability to not only pull those logs, but you can correlate outages that happen and you can filter out everything but error and warnings if you want. Not to mention the fact that you can download filter packs from VMWare to help making diagnostics even easier.

The general session did have some great info, but let's face it, the general sessions are VMWare's time to rah rah about everything that is coming and remind you exactly how many buzz words they know. I don't know about all the other shops out there, but our shop has decided it will keep its infrastructure in-house so that being said I will not feel guilty about not jumping on VMWare's cloud chariot and racing of into the wild blue younder! 

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