Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weird Windows 10 RDP issue

RDP Freezing up, Mapping Drives with Alternate Credentials Freezes up Explorer

Ran into a weird little issue with Windows 10 today. We are rolling these new Dell Precision T1700s out to the System Administrators and our Programmers, and figured out that we could not RDP to anything with alternate credentials and we could not map drives in Windows Explorer with alternate credentials either. If you tried to RDP it would freeze up the RDP session, and if you tried to map a drive through Explorer it would freeze up Explorer but good! If you managed to get to Task Manager you could kill Explorer and restart it.

I tried the mighty Google for answers, and came up with nothing! After a couple of weeks of trying different things, I again turned to the mighty Google and this time struck GOLD! 

Sail_Maine for the WIN!!! Thank you so much for finding this.

Turns out, the Dell Data Protection Protection Suite was causing this to happen. 

  • Dell Data Protection | Client Security Framework
  • Dell Data Protection | Security Tools
  • Dell Data Protection | Security Tools Authentication
We had to remove the Client Security Framework first, then remove the Security Tools Authentication, finally the Security Tool and reboot.

Try and fire up the RDP with alternate credentials now...and BAM!!! We have a winner folks! We can now get where we need to and no more unhappy programmers.....well, at least for now! 


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